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01-30-2006, 10:29 AM
Hello everybody,

I am very new learner of this field. Could you help me about this ?
How to convert MP3 files to CD audio files to play at any CD player ?
By the way, how do you know file type of audio CD music at stores ? I bought many CD music at stores. I put them in computer. I opened to view detail , but I still did not know file types of that CD.

Thank you very much.
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01-30-2006, 12:01 PM
All store bought CD's are in CD (or standard Audio CD) format. Most adhere to a particular standard for CD's (known as the Red Book standard). This essentially consists of audio data 9you may as well think of .wave files) with associated small .cda files (which stores track information to allow the CD player to find and play each track). Some audio CD's you buy at the store may be "Enhanced" (for example they may have some video clips included in the CD that you can then watch if you play the CD on a computer or DVD player). Some CD's are "Copy-Protected" meaning that the company distributing the CD has taken measures to limit the ability of a user to make copies of the CD (ostensibly to preent pirating of audio, such measures also impair your ability to make copies of tracks for your own use). Enhanced CD's and "Copy-Protected" CD's may present special obstacles to users trying to store and convert these to mp3 (or any other digital audio format).

Once you rip and store tracks from an audio CD, it will be saved in a digital format. It may be in .wave format (which is the same audio material as was on the original CD without the .cda file associated with it) or some other format. If you ever are in doubt about what format an audio file is, you can right-click the file and select Properties and select Tag Information. This will work for every audio file type that your computer recognizes. Nearly as good is hover your mouse over a file to view the tag information (more convenient, this will work if you have dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC) installed and the option to allow Pop-Up Information-which option is on by default). This will work for all types of audio files that your version of dBpowerAMP Music Converter is set to recognize (meaning, for example, if you have files in ogg vorbis format, or .wma format you have to have the proper dBpowerAMP Music Converter codecs installed from Codec Central before dMC can recognize these file types and before the mouse-over will display tag information). With dMC, you can also right-click a file and select Edit Tag to view the tag information as well.

Now if you are making your own audio CD from audio tracks on your computer, you need a program installed to allow you to burn a CD as well as a CD or CD/DVD drive capable of burning a CD. If you have such a drive, you probably also already have such a program. You also need blank CD disks. For standard CD disks that you plan on playing on standard CD players, I recommend that you use disks that are labelled as Audio CD or Music CD disks. These are usually a bit more expensive than other blank CD's (which are often labelled as Data CDs) but standard blank computer CD's may not play on some CD players.

I'll furnish some more details later.

Hope this helps,

01-30-2006, 04:42 PM
Thank you very much, Bill. You are my master.

I saw dBPowerAmp has two different softwares

1- dBPowerAmp CDwriter 2
2- dBPowerAmp Music Converter 11.5

Which one is exactly used to write MP3 files from local hard drive C: to standard CD ( file type same as at music store, not MP3 any more ) ?

Thank you very much. I really appreciate.
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01-30-2006, 05:18 PM
This is where I left off.
Every program ythat can be used to burn a CD will burn directly from .wave files and most will be able to burn a CD directly from mp3 files files alos (technically they convert from mp3 to wave and then create the CD but they will do it in a single step).
dMC (dBpowerAMP music Converter) can be used to prepare an audio file for burning to CD by some other program (say your burning program does not handle mp3 files, you can use dMC to convert mp3 files to wave format so that your burning program can handle burning them to CD). dMC can also be used to rip music ffrom CD to your computer in a variety of formats and can even be used to help record music from your sound card or from a line input source to your computer (such as a boombox, stereo or tape player). dMC cannot burn a CD on its own. The free version of dMC can be used to convert mp3 files but you need to registered version (or an unexpired trial version of dMC) to create mp3 files.

dBpowerAMP CD Writer (dCW) is the program that can burn audio CD's either to CD format (which can be played on any CD player) or to other format (most used are mp3 or wma-you will need special players to listen to such a disk except on your computer).
dCW uses dMC to help prepare files for burning to CD (or other format), so when you use dCW it comes with dMC included.

Hope this helps.

01-30-2006, 05:31 PM
Good afternoon Bill,

Thank you so very much, Bill. I like your explanation. That is very clearly.
Thanks so much again.

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3:31pm San Diego, California

02-09-2006, 10:17 AM
Good morning Bill,

I have to need your help again about this. You know everything about this software dBpoewerAMP

I used dBpowerAMP CD Writer ( evaluated version ) to burn .mp3 data files from my local C: drive. Actually these mp3 files are from CD, but I do not know how to burn from CD to CD by using dBpowerAMP CD Writer, so I devided it by two steps.

Step1: I copied and pasted all .mp3 files from CD to local C: drive. It is OK.

Step 2: I put a blank CD and used dBpowerAMP CD Writer to add these mp3 files and then burn them to CD. I failed because these files are so full to add in one CD eventhough I just added 2 of 18 mp3 files to the blank CD. I checked the size of these two mp3 files. They are around 35 MB. And the total of 18 mp3 files is 281 MB

How to do that in one CD or I have to do that in multiple CDs. If so,how ?
Thank you very much for your help.

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02-09-2006, 11:48 AM
First off, you may find it useful to reference the Help Files for dB CD Writer (dCW). You will find this going Start>All Programs>dBpowerAMP Music Converter>Help>dB CD Writer Help. This has some very detailed instructions about how to copy from CD to CD using dCW, also on how to use dCW to make CDs from files on your computer. I am not sure how well it covers the topic of burning a CD from a disk of files in mp3 format, as you are apparently doing.

It is possible with dCW to either make and burn a standard CD from .mp3 files or to burn a disk of mp3 files (which could be played on a player or another computer that can play mp3 disks, or used for storage). I think you are trying to burn a standard CD (which should play on any CD player) from your mp3 tracks but I am not entirely sure of this. For a standard 800 mb blank CD you should be able to get about 80 minutes worth of music (generally a little less) onto that disk if you burn in standard CD format. This is a better measure of how many tracks you can fit on a disk than mp3 files size (which can be quite variable to the possible range of bitrates, frequency and channels that are offered for mp3) or the number of tracks (surely if all your tracks are, say, pop music and average 4 minutes long, all 18 tracks should fit in standard CD format, but if these are tracks that average 30 minutes a piece, then you might not fit more than two tracks onto the CD in standard CD format).

I would probably not copy and paste. Instead, I would recommend that you:
open dBpowerAMP Music Converter to access your disk drive with the .mp3 tracks;
select the tracks you wish to burn to CD and click on the Open button;
from the menu for the conversion, select Audio CD (it should be at or near the top), select the option to view graphical disk usage (which is what I think its called)
and click OK;
This should open up dB CD Writer. You should make sure that you choose in the top menu the option for creating a standard 80 minute audio CD and you should see the converted files (from mp3 to wave/.cda) and you will be able to see how much disk space is used and how much is still available.

If you run into other problems with this, do check out the Help files but feel free to ask about any problems or questions you encounter.

Best wishes,