View Full Version : dBpowerAMP Music Converter R11.5

09-29-2005, 03:05 PM

mp3 decoder huge update: freeform mp3 files supported, correct reading of all mp2 + mp1 files, Lame mp3 tag reading (will show profile used to encode in popup information).
mp3 lame compression self converts incoming data to correct format (ie mp3 is only 2 channel, might be passing 6 channel audio) shouldn't now be possible to get mp3 encoder to fail.
CD Input - freedb proto6 compatible (utf-8)
dMC Configuration redesigned - Wizard to configure dMC, added a copy to clipboard [version info and installed codecs],
New 'Artist - Album - Track Number' explorer column, sort audio files in Explorer based on albums!
AccurateRip included as standard (has to be activated in dBpowerAMP Settings)