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09-02-2002, 01:17 PM
1. ok, if you open say song "a" it starts to play, then press the play button to stop playing the open song "b", now click on the play button to stop the playing, then press the play button again, song "a" plays instead of song "B". please fix this

2. if you open files(s) they should automatically be added to the playlist but they are not.

3. also you should be able to disable the internal visualization because on slow computers like i used to have but don't anymore, the music would often skip because the visualiztion was taking up all the proccessor power.

4. also yoy should be able to set the proccess priority for dbpoweramp

5. maybe a VBR display, currently dbpoweramp only shows the average bitrate of VBR files, maybe you should fix that

what you really need is the good funtionability of winamp 2 but only the player should be much more superior

09-02-2002, 01:53 PM
Bear in mind that I'm using the latest beta (despite it not being 'released' yet...)

1. Why would you expect it to play song B? I'd expect it to play a track, any track, that satisifed the current selection criteria and that's exactly what it does here. If you want to pause a track then restart it use the pause button not the play button.

2. dAP has been programmed to play a track on open (or double-click). If you want it to be enqueued right click and select Enqueue.

3. Turning off the visualistions, minimising the player to the taskbar (or not) or using the on screen control window are three ways you can run the player with no visualisations.

4. You don't have a dedicated music server? :shocked: How quaint ;) Have you considered that settiing the priority low is going to affect the playback quality and may lead to stuttering etc.?

5. Perhaps I'm missing something here - why does it matter? What would you do with that information?


09-02-2002, 03:05 PM
dBpowerAMP (dAP) is made up from multiple threads - the one thread that plays music is set to a high priority - all the others are left at default. If it skips, then it would skip no matter what I did, you have a hardware issue that is skipping even though there is alot of sound card data queued up in buffers.

09-02-2002, 09:09 PM
thats not what i said

i'm saying that on older computers you can't play music because the visualizations are hogging the proccessor power

but as for the priority thing, i think you should be able to chose the priority because it is an anoyance to have to press alt+ctrl+del everytime to change the priority

09-03-2002, 10:06 AM
If you have an "old" machine, try adding some RAM
(it is real cheap nowadays), and or Sound and Video cards with their own ram. Find and fix any conflicts. You could try little things like disabling (stupid) sounds for each event, and disable any unnecessary programs. There are many ways to get lean and mean. Most will improve performance at least a little bit.

My "Jukebox" is an old PII 300 with 192 mb ram,
Sure, it won't run Quake3A, But it plays my over 30 gigs of music really good!
I recently got rid of winamp for DB poweramp player
w/ control freak buttons set to a cheap Microsoft internet keyboard.
It works for me...
My really good suggestion for you is,
don't expect so much from an old machine...