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11-30-2004, 10:52 AM
How to play a playlist from the command line and/or How to schedule playing a playlist ( i used a m3u file )

Really Really Quickie version:
(how I made my computer wake me up to really loud oldies)

find out the exact path to the amp.exe program. If you used defaults during installation, I think it's

"c:\program files\illustrate\dbpoweramp\amp.exe"

find out the exact path to the playlist file you want to play. (mine is)

"d:\data\my documents\my music\dbpoweramp\oldies.m3u"

the exact syntax is:

"X:\pathToAmp\amp.exe" "X:\PathToM3u\filename.m3u" /play

notice there are 3 items here, the first two are complete paths and filename enclosed in quotes. then /play

You can either use that full command from a command line (may need to swap to amp directory) or you can create a new task in task scheduler.

for task scheduler:

your "RUN" field is that whole command
your "Start in" field is the whole first section in quotes.
schedule as desired (and remember to turn on the speakers
--Side notes not important to above tasks--
I am at the tail end of about 2 hours searching the forums for this sort of information and wasn't able to find anything regarding command line options, CLI, schedule playlist, etc. I hope this helps others and will be back to add other options, more details etc as I can. If I just missed a post, someone shoot me a PM =)
--side, side notes--
i've only been using amp about a week, converter ditto. xp pro computer, the m3u in question had roughly 100 songs mostly of mp3 or m4p type. If anyone is interested or its helpful, my collection is about 70gb and i'm willing to guinea pig ways to manage it, test, etc. right after i backup the drive =x

11-30-2004, 11:07 AM
LOL, I hope you managed to set your dAP on random, otherwise the first few oldies become really stale after waking up to the same old, same old day after day :D