View Full Version : Clarification on Registrations (Sveta Portable Audio Split from Power Pack)

11-27-2004, 01:11 PM
The enforced mp3 encoder license requirement has forced a change to dBpowerAMP registrations, they are:

The Power Pack has reduced in price from $19 to $14, it no longer contains a Sveta Portable Audio registration, it now includes a mp3 encoder license.

Sveta Portable Audio is on a seperate registration for $24 USD, or can be purchased with the Power Pack for $29.

dBpowerAMP CD Writer will increase from $14 to $18, this will happen in a few weeks to coincide with CD Writer release 2.

A dBpowerAmp Complete license containing all dbpoweramp programs will soon be released (for $39).

Existing registrations: people in the past who have registered the Power Pack (before the 27th November 2004) - will remain registered for Power Pack, Sveta portable audio (when next release is released a free update from the registered download section is required) and mp3 encoding. Existing Power Pack users can either install the latest dMC R11 (unregistered trial) over the top of what they already have (and it will become registered), or install a new dMC R11 registered package from the registration re-issue page, just entering your order/reciept number.