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11-11-2004, 10:51 AM
I have been using STP as my MP3 player for a few years because its ease and the fact it sorts my MP3s by folder when imported. EXAMPLE. I can import my c:\mp3 and it will make an m3u list of all my mp3 files sorted by "Albums" using the folders and subfolders.

ie c:\mp3\Rock\Beatles\filename
becomes >> Rock - Beatles - filename

I can then listen to all "albums from the Rock folder or the Beatles subfolder.

This is great especially since almost all my mp3s have little, none, or mixed ID3 tagging.

I would love to see dBpowerAMP be able to import all the subfolders and save this directory info in some way for sorting. The simplest solution would be to write the subdirectory path into each ID3 tag or atleast creat a new sorting colume for Path.

hmm what do you think?

Otherwise. Is the a program which will retag all my files by perhaps adding the pathname somewhere? A commandline retagger would work I suppose I could write a batch file using it to push the pathnames into tags.

11-11-2004, 03:21 PM
ok in the mmc path is already present, so I don't know what are you asking for, I supose you overlooked it, it's there at the end, and if you need it somewhere earlier, go to prefferences and move it ....

there is a codec for path->ID tag, but it is available only in powerpack....