View Full Version : dBpowerAMP.com outage

04-09-2002, 07:41 PM
First I knew something was wrong with dbpoweramp.com, I couldn't connect to my email server, a look @ dbpoweramps bandwidth graphs showed it was dropping off sharply, dbpoweramp was being wiped from the web, this was Tuesday/Wednesday. I quickly dispatched an email to both my domain name registerer - names4ever.com and my web hosters. My web hosters responded in a timely mannor, everything checked out there, names4ever replied some 12 hours later saying 'Your domain is in the whois and global registry, check with your web hosters'.

On Thursday I tried phoning names4ever, sat in a que for 15 minutes, not good for an international call, that drew a blank. I dug up the tools to pin point whos fault it was, it was names4ever (using nslookup), so I dispatch another email with my proof (on Friday). At this time also I registered dbpoweramp.net as a backup measure.

Names4ever replied on Sunday night, stating that dbpoweramp.com had been placed on hold, the renewal bill had not been paid. Why I wonder, had I not been informed about this...my name and email were down for adminstrator and billing contact. An email was sent with payment details, asking for the domain name to be swiched on...Monday night I phoned once more and was informed I would have to speak with a certain chappie, he would phone me back...4 hours later I decided it was best for me to phone him. He said the domain was on the account of a hosting company, which had gone bust. I gave my credit card details and he assured me the name would be fully working in 48 hours and I would get a confirmation email. 24 hours later dbpoweramp.com resurfaced.

So all in all, it was poor customer service names4ever offered, dbpoweramp.com was down for a full week, which could have been avoided. The download of dbpoweramp programs have been removed from certain listing sites (such as download.com), because of the outage.