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09-29-2004, 05:53 PM
Greetings, I recently discovered dbpoweramp MP3 player while searching for alternative MP3 player. After downloading the player i took it on a test drive and enjoyed its many features. It's one of the first MP3 players that I've seen that offers a serious challenge to WinAmp 5. However, I did noticed was the lack of DSP plug ins available for it. If I missed them could someone school me on where I can locate them.

I'm looking for the best sound quality I can find to utilize my sound system hardware. Because there is a place for them, I assume they exist or you will have them in the near future. May I suggest a DSP plug I found called Izotope's Ozone. It really works and greatly improves the sound quality of the player itself. It's also designed to permit the user to reshape the sound to personal taste. My personal recommendation as a user.

I own most of the popular DSP plug ins but they're toys by comparison. Working as a professional recording artist, I've found MP3 players useful when developing my new sound tracks for my music. Sound quality is paramount to me and I sure there are others who may feel the same. If anyone can offer a suggestion it would be appreciated.

08-23-2005, 10:45 AM
I couldn't agree more with you. Izotope's Ozone is the best plugin around. I use monkey audio lossless compression and I still find digital audio lacks warmth. I think Ozone is the best solution. :smile2:

08-23-2005, 11:01 AM
Moved to dAP wishlist.