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07-11-2002, 07:18 AM
I have noticed the info about ripping CD's and adding the track number to get them in order - but when I use dMC or the Sveta Explorer to transfer tracks to my Rio that I have already ripped WITHOUT the track number they end up in an odd order...if I sort the tracks by date in W2K they appear in track order according to the ID tag, but then 'Converting' them to the Rio rearranges the order!

Is there any way around this?? I pretty well ALWAYS want the tracks stored in the same order as the original CD, and is annoying to have to transfer them and then have to use Sveta Explorer to rearrange them!

On a different note, does the registration fee apply to dMC, the Explorer and the DAP?? I am on the verge of coughing up :)



07-11-2002, 11:20 AM
If you ripped your Audio CD direct to your portable player then it should go in the right order.

If you are doing the right click convert to, or a Music Converter Open - windows passes them in the wrong order :(

IF you install dMC File Selector - they will go in the order seen on the screen.

I plan to add re-ordering in dMC (rename files) and to be able to set the order of files in the little explorer bit in Sveta Explorer.

>does the registration fee apply to dMC, the Explorer and the DAP??

dAP is tottaly free, it applies to both dMC and Explorer - one pack for both.