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07-10-2002, 12:55 PM
Hey Spoon
I just wanted to let you know you have an AWESOME player here.
In actual fact I'm been changing my player about once a month, trying to find one that makes sense. after a year and a half. I think I finally found one. GREAT IDEAS.

A couple of notes. And I still need time to use the program more. But, one thing is the PlayList Editor. One thing I noticed is if your only to use it for 15 songs or so and you say add from a CD, Deleting the whole list has to be done one file at a time. So unless I doing something wrong. this takes way to much time.

Also. in MMC with the lastest version I have, for some reason the player won't go to the next track ( when you press next track) I have to have it in RANDOM MODE. otherwise the player will play a track seclected and the STOP, And not continue to the next track in the list. Again if I'm doing something wrong please advise.

And just a comment. for anyone about to design SKINS. which I happen to love to change from time to time. I'd love a skin with more effort into the mini player. When I'm writing music with PROTOOLS, it's so cool to have as many features as possible at your finger tips. But that take as little space as possible. Also having the thing come up from the side of the screen and in a long BAR form would be WAYCOOL. I guess for many I speak to in the music biz is SMAll space, but waycool in function or design.
If I get sometime I may even get into making a few myself. ( ya right time)
Honestly great effort. Get it out the man. Spread the word. Many would love it if they new about it.
One last IDEA!!. One thing I can't find in players. As a pro musican and audiophile. sound quality is my great requirement. A player with PRO Drivers. Or the highest quality engine is way needed out there. Most sound like CHIT. you put all this effort into sound engineering and your players engine or Codecs SUCK.
Many mucians want this and companies like Yamaha ProAudio. Have player without the function DBPA has.
Ok, sweetie player spoon. keep up the awesome work
Later, musicomposer@hotmail.com

07-10-2002, 02:42 PM

Try the New button on the playlist to clear it.

MMC is not designed to play tracks in order, it is a collection that is played randomly if the random button is down, that said - you could have a list of tracks in mmc - select the top one, hold shift and select the last - right click and select play.

If you want sound quality - forget mp3, etc, go for Monkeys Audio - it uncompresses to the original sample, you cannot get any better.