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07-06-2002, 05:51 PM
Hi All,

I can't say anything about the product yet since I am still trying to test it. I ran into the following problem:
I use Nero Imagedrive and have also 2 cdrom drives. The aspilisting tells me that the Nero Imagedrive is assigned the adapter 0 slot, one of my harddisks is assigned slot 1, cdrom1 is assigned slot 2 and cdrom2 is assigned slot 3.
When I try to rip a audiocd dbpoweramp doesn't recognize/find it.
I read most of your threads and the FAQ and based on that played around a bit. Eventually I only got it to "see" an audiocd when slot 0 in the aspi listing is occupied by a cdrom drive that contains the audiocd. This is very inconvenient since NeroImage drive puts itself in slot 0 after installation so I can't use it anymore if I want to use dbpoweramp. The other problem is that the cdrom that now sits in slot 0 is the one in which I always have a cd with a specific program on it in. I basically don't want to take that cd out. My second cdrom drive I use for all cdrom activities.

I am lucky that my harddisk wasn't assigned to slot 0 else I couldn't use dbpowerAMP at all. I have a harddisk in the aspilisting due to the IDE controller I use which on it's turn uses aspi.

Do you know a way to force an aspi slot to be assigned to a certain device, like my second cdrom drive? Why doesn't dbpowerAMP supply me with a simple field in which I can select the drive letter that is associated with my cdromdrive that will contain the audiocd?

I can't even use the right mouse click on the cd tracks in the windows explorer when thatcdrom drive is not in slot 0 of the aspilisting :o(

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

07-07-2002, 08:33 AM
If you have Win 2000/XP you can bypass APSI.

Have you tried my drive lister in Support >> Audio CD Input?