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06-30-2002, 10:30 PM
There has been some DNS issues with the server that should be resolved soon.

some can still access the site but most can't at the moment.

and support email may get bounced at this point in time.

just be patient and all will be fixed and back to normal soon.

07-05-2002, 01:34 AM
It seems to be coming back up now - my access has been restored though a couple of other people I know still have problems. Everything should be fine by early next week, hopefully.

07-05-2002, 02:22 AM
I originally ran into problems with Names4Ever mid March, one day my website dbpoweramp.com stopped resolving. I immeditally dispatched an email to support@names4ever.com and the company where my dedicated server is housed (at that time I did not have the technical skills to do lookups and find who was at fault).

The next day I got an email back from names4ever saying that the name was still resolving and I should check with my server guys, I did this and they said it was names4ever. At that point I learnt the skills to do dns lookups on my server DNS and the global server DNSs, the problem was with names4ever. I sent another email to names4ever informing them of my findings and 2 days later I recieved an email saying that the domain was on hold because of non-payment. Why I was not informed of this BEFORE the domain was switched off, or after it was switched off I do not know, my name and address and email were down for all the contacts, admin, technical...

I paid the bill and eventually the domain came back on-line, this was 1 week later, I thought that was the last of my problems...checking at their website to manage the domain - their system said it does not exist, and looking up in their own whois says it does not exist, although it resolved fine.

Between March and July I sent 4 support emails to names4ever telling of the whois and domain-name-administer-problems, for the first email they did not reply, the second I got an email saying 'it was resolving correctly, what was my problem?' my reply detailling the problem recieved no reply. The next email was not answered, then out of the blue on Sunday 30th July the domain name stopped resolving.

I immeditally went into the names4ever domain-name-administer section and was surprised to find I could log in, there was no contact information or dns entries, so I promptly filled them in and thought to myself 'oh well it will reappear in 48 hours, and after that I can transfer the domain away from this crappy names4ever (I tried just after March but was told that the account was on hold for 60 days)'. After I had filled in the information, I checked on their whois and my information was there, I wait for it to propigate around the internet. By Tuesday afternoon I am getting worried, so I recheck on names4ever, the whois has reverted back to 'dbpoweramp.com does not exist' and domain-name-administer does not work once more.

Many fruitless phone calls to technical support followed, each time I phoned I was given a different reason why it was not working - 'Software upgrade, on hold for non-payment'. On the thrid day of phoning (yes really 3rd day!) I asked for a manager - the support staff were incompetant, she decided it was not able to get the domain working by twiddling and removed it, then recreated it. I have been trying to move away from Names4ever since March - it will be 60 days from today before I am able to move.

This could happen to any company - Intel, Microsoft - they all have to have their name handled by one of these 3rd party name companies. I will be dropping Names4ever a bill for the costs of running a server for the 5 days the name did not resolve.

07-05-2002, 05:45 AM
Actually, it has happened to Microsoft before - see http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,33337,00.html .