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06-30-2002, 12:07 PM
I just came across an mp3 file that, after I set an id3v2 tag with poweramp, doesn't play not only with wmp (which I don't care much about, just tested) but even with poweramp itself! (The only thing that invariably plays mp3 is winamp: apparently it just skips whatever it doesn't like till the first synch byte...) Anyway, resetting the tags to empty strings (btw, is there a way to REMOVE them using the tag editor?) and then setting them back to the previous values cured the problem (even for wmp). But what bothers me is that repeating the same operation does not produce identical results!

Another problem with tags: one cannot set them if one doesn't know the exact name poweramp ises for them (which is not always short and doesn't always coincide with the official description of the tag). As one of the results, one cannot edit user defined tags. So, here is the question: is it possible to specify the tags using their "internal" 4-character names?

07-02-2002, 03:42 AM
This is why ID3v2 is not so popular, it is too technical with implementation problems. Here are the frame names you can enter for Id3v2:

static ID3_FrameDefSP ID3_FrameDefsSP[] =
// short long tag file
// frame id id id discrd discrd field defs description
{ID3FID_AUDIOCRYPTO, "Audio encryption"},
{ID3FID_PICTURE, "Attached picture"},
{ID3FID_COMMENT, "Comments"},
{ID3FID_COMMERCIAL, "Commercial"},
{ID3FID_CRYPTOREG, "Encryption method registration"},
{ID3FID_EQUALIZATION, "Equalization"},
{ID3FID_EVENTTIMING, "Event timing codes"},
{ID3FID_GENERALOBJECT, "General encapsulated object"},
{ID3FID_GROUPINGREG, "Group identification registration"},
{ID3FID_INVOLVEDPEOPLE, "Involved people list"},
{ID3FID_LINKEDINFO, "Linked information"},
{ID3FID_CDID, "Music CD identifier"},
{ID3FID_MPEGLOOKUP, "MPEG location lookup table"},
{ID3FID_OWNERSHIP, "Ownership frame"},
{ID3FID_PRIVATE, "Private frame"},
{ID3FID_PLAYCOUNTER, "Play counter"},
{ID3FID_POPULARIMETER, "Popularimeter"},
{ID3FID_POSITIONSYNC, "Position synchronisation frame"},
{ID3FID_BUFFERSIZE, "Recommended buffer size"},
{ID3FID_VOLUMEADJ, "Relative volume adjustment"},
{ID3FID_REVERB, "Reverb"},
{ID3FID_SYNCEDLYRICS, "Synchronized lyric/text"},
{ID3FID_SYNCEDTEMPO, "Synchronized tempo codes"},
{ID3FID_ALBUM, "Album/Movie/Show title"},
{ID3FID_BPM, "BPM (beats per minute)"},
{ID3FID_COMPOSER, "Composer"},
{ID3FID_CONTENTTYPE, "Content type"},
{ID3FID_COPYRIGHT, "Copyright message"},
{ID3FID_DATE, "Date"},
{ID3FID_PLAYLISTDELAY, "Playlist delay"},
{ID3FID_ENCODEDBY, "Encoded by"},
{ID3FID_LYRICIST, "Lyricist/Text writer"},
{ID3FID_FILETYPE, "File type"},
{ID3FID_TIME, "Time"},
{ID3FID_CONTENTGROUP, "Content group description"},
{ID3FID_TITLE, "Title/songname/content description"},
{ID3FID_SUBTITLE, "Subtitle/Description refinement"},
{ID3FID_INITIALKEY, "Initial key"},
{ID3FID_LANGUAGE, "Language(s)"},
{ID3FID_SONGLEN, "Length"},
{ID3FID_MEDIATYPE, "Media type"},
{ID3FID_ORIGALBUM, "Original album/movie/show title"},
{ID3FID_ORIGFILENAME, "Original filename"},
{ID3FID_ORIGLYRICIST, "Original lyricist(s)/text writer(s)"},
{ID3FID_ORIGARTIST, "Original artist(s)/performer(s)"},
{ID3FID_ORIGYEAR, "Original release year"},
{ID3FID_FILEOWNER, "File owner/licensee"},
{ID3FID_LEADARTIST, "Lead performer(s)/Soloist(s)"},
{ID3FID_BAND, "Band/orchestra/accompaniment"},
{ID3FID_CONDUCTOR, "Conductor/performer refinement"},
{ID3FID_MIXARTIST, "Interpreted, remixed, or otherwise modified by"},
{ID3FID_PARTINSET, "Part of a set"},
{ID3FID_PUBLISHER, "Publisher"},
{ID3FID_TRACKNUM, "Track number/Position in set"},
{ID3FID_RECORDINGDATES, "Recording dates"},
{ID3FID_NETRADIOSTATION, "Internet radio station name"},
{ID3FID_NETRADIOOWNER, "Internet radio station owner"},
{ID3FID_SIZE, "Size"},
{ID3FID_ISRC, "ISRC (international standard recording code)"},
{ID3FID_ENCODERSETTINGS, "Software/Hardware and settings used for encoding"},
{ID3FID_USERTEXT, "User defined text information"},
{ID3FID_YEAR, "Year"},
{ID3FID_UNIQUEFILEID, "Unique file identifier"},
{ID3FID_TERMSOFUSE, "Terms of use"},
{ID3FID_UNSYNCEDLYRICS, "Unsynchronized lyric/text transcription"},
{ID3FID_WWWCOMMERCIALINFO, "Commercial information"},
{ID3FID_WWWCOPYRIGHT, "Copyright/Legal infromation"},
{ID3FID_WWWAUDIOFILE, "Official audio file webpage"},
{ID3FID_WWWARTIST, "Official artist/performer webpage"},
{ID3FID_WWWAUDIOSOURCE, "Official audio source webpage"},
{ID3FID_WWWRADIOPAGE, "Official internet radio station homepage"},
{ID3FID_WWWPUBLISHER, "Official publisher webpage"},
{ID3FID_WWWUSER, "User defined URL link"},
{ID3FID_METACRYPTO, "Encrypted meta frame"},
{ID3FID_METACOMPRESSION, "Compressed data meta frame"},

07-02-2002, 09:36 AM
Well, I KNOW the frame names (after all, they are in the DLL :) ) The question is whether it's possible to use their real names. E.g., once I created a user defined frame, I cannot edit it anymore as the codec doesn't recognize it; it creates a new one instead!