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Daniel Scott
05-26-2004, 01:52 PM
Here is my dilema.

I want to burn an MP3 cd that creates seperate folders for each album I downloaded.

In Nero, if you create a Data File CD, and add individual folders for each album, when I play it back on my portable MP3 CD player I can simply hit a button that goes to the next album. However burning it in this method does not ensure good sound quality that I could find with dbPower Amp.

However, when I try to burn a MP3 Audio CD in dbPowerAmp I have no option of 'moving folders' over and I can only select to burn one root folder with a list of all the mp3s I can play. There is no way I can simply move from album to album on my portable CD player with the ease of a button since I can not properly burn each album to its according folder. Or is there? I'd be very intrested to find out.

-Danny Solsman

05-26-2004, 09:44 PM
When you create a 'new cd' within dCW one of the options allows you to inform dCW how to organise and name your tracks based on the id tag information held in them.

It is something you must select when deciding the size of the cd being created and the encoding options to use for the mp3 files on the disc.


05-27-2004, 04:17 AM
Well do you think you can post a screenshot of dBpower Amp where it seperates each album into its own folder?

I'm really Confused.


05-27-2004, 07:17 AM
It will only create the folders behind the scenes, you will not see it in the program, only when a CD is burned.

Danny Solsman
05-28-2004, 05:38 AM
Hmm...I think I figured it out!

Thanks, but I think in your next version you should streamline it a little bit more so people like me don't waste 10 cds. The 'Create New' button was hidden from my mind's eye.

Thanks again,

05-28-2004, 07:42 AM
as a point of interest, it is sometimes better to experiment with a re writtable cd so you don't burn coasters.

06-28-2004, 11:39 AM
It will only create the folders behind the scenes, you will not see it in the program, only when a CD is burned.

While Spoon is correct in that the program will not show you the file structure, you can browse your computer to the TempCreateCD folder where you can find the folder for your project and check your projects file structure prior to burning.
What you will not be able to do is any changes to that file structure while you are there. Cost me a few cd-r's finding that out.

Checking file structure is not worth doing if you are creating a regular cd. dCW handles that well and file structure is not going to be a big issue. But if you are trying to create an mp3/wma/ogg/ape/or whatever cd to play on an mp3 (or whatever) player, check your TempCreateCD folder prior to burning.

Best wishes,
Bill Mikkelsen