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05-09-2004, 06:22 PM

I have used quite many Nokia mobile phones with mp3 / aac support and been hoping that dbpoweramp would fix the awkward :vmad: Nokia Audio Manager :vmad:.

Current problems

Major problem - No plug-in support in any "Media Jukebox":
This is the worse part. Nokia mp3-phones don't show up as generic USB devices, so you cannot use anything else than the Nokia Audio Manager (free, downloadable with Nokia PC Suite), which has no features. Best way to transfer files is via Data Cable DKU-2 (USB 1.1). Or to remove the memory card (under battary) from the phone to memory card reader.

Minor problem - RAW AAC: Nokia plays AAC-files, but they have to be raw aac. This can be done nicely with dbpoweramp+Nero, with "import iso" option on.
When you drop the aac-file to Nokia Audio Manager (used to ransfer files to phone), it says "this file has no media information", which is quite weird. You can fill it in by yourself, but it kinda sucks because when you add Nokia-tags to AAC, the tags done by dbpoweramp disappear!
This doesn't matter, since transcoding to 128 kbit ABR mp3 works fine with dbpoweramp...

What could dbpoweramp do
1. Have a Sveta plug-in support for Nokia phones.
2. Have a script that fixes the tags for Nokia.

What I could do?
I could write a how-to for Nokia mp3/aac-phones & dbpoweramp for the few hunderd thousand users with Nokia AAC-capable phone.

10-05-2004, 07:11 AM
nope, I've tried this with my 6230 and no luck!!

I've downloaded the codecs from codec central but How are you getting the mp4 format to .AAC extension??

I'm feeling its all a bit useless!!

Tom M

10-05-2004, 08:03 AM
I guess you didn't rip with Nero and used the
"import iso" option

Otherwise it won't work. Nokia accepts only raw AAC. Dunno if this can be done in dbPowerAmp version x.x. Haven't paid any attention to dbPowerAmp because I didn't any feedback from developers.