View Full Version : Superhot Feature Request: Video Downloader Option added to converter like others

07-27-2019, 05:46 PM
Hello dBpoweramp Video Converter Forum Developers
Have been looking for years for a downloader,converter a basic (all in one) program that could also do these basic video & Audio enhancement and editing options, so can save so much time, by using one complete program, and not several, and avoid losing more output quality in videos in addtl programs.

Many professional Converters today already offer a builtin online video downloader ,
That easily works with hundreds of sites, Along with video converter, so can download, then quickly clean/enhance , and trim online videos, as many are just not in the best quality etc.

Since Dbpoweramp video converter already does so well in cleaning & enhancing video & audio, any way to possibly add a superhot video downloader to this converter to make it one of the best, most unique programs online??

***Lastly, even better All in One program, if could have a Video downloader & trimmer, and hot option to quickly remove vulgar or bad or offensive words, or ugly Logo do not want in videos and audio,
along with Dbpoweramp Full Media Player, with most popular video playlists crossfading/mixing options, and any video/audio enhancement filters.
This Player would be hands down, the best, most unique video player program on the market online, as I have tried, or checked into mostly all similar programs online.

Again, great concept, hope to be my fav new program, please please keep improving.

Please do advise, and Thanks in advance for your time help, and great work on this project!

07-29-2020, 01:09 PM
hot option to quickly remove vulgar or bad or offensive words, or ugly Logo do not want in videos

You are probably looking at Ai-driven programs for that. Thereís some projects going on right now that allow the user to transcribe a podcast to text, delete any swear words, and the software edits the audio automatically. Also allows the user to type in a word or sentence in the podcast transcription and then the Ai synthesize their own voice back into the podcast. Itís still pretty new stuff though.

As far as logo removal, youíre gonna want to probably look into Sraxrip and AVISynth.