View Full Version : Finer control of Mass De-duping by filename, file type, album etc

03-08-2019, 06:50 AM
I just came across Perfect Tunes and while it offers alot more then some other library management apps, (for me, at least) I think it would be great if it could do the following (or am I missing setting(s) somewhere):

Many of my duplicates are indeed identical, because they have been added more then once over the years, apart from a (1) or (2) appended to the filename. However, the deduper seems to pick either the non ennumerated or the ennumerated at random. Maybe I'm overly OCD, but it would be useful to have a setting that offers to identify the ennumerated versions as delete candidates?

Also, when doing a mass clear-up, it would be good to have an intermediate stage where you can select a range of de-dupes rather than biting the bullet for all of them. I appreciate you CAN do this by (say) only selecting a limited number of albums or artists at a time, but that's very clunky. How about a tree-like display to select what to work on, or where the duplicates are located?

There are many albums (versions / box sets etc) that DO have valid duplicates - it would be useful to be able to sort the display by album / source folder.

However, the first thing - the ennumerated duplicates - need a sort of 'if identical then sort / displa / select by filename...

Is there a setting? Or an 'advanced' mode?