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08-31-2018, 06:33 PM
First off, you are killing it with these new programs. Very smart to stick with a proven formula that works! Pricing scheme is perfect too. Not too cheap, but not so expensive the average high school student wouldn't want to afford it.

OK, so many of us have huge movie and TV show PLEX metadata folders holding upwards of one million, or more, image files and thumbnails of movies and TV Shows to enable easy seeking. Some images are large, others are very small.

I have a separate SSD dedicated to my PLEX folder. Enabling NTFS compression (images won't show in PLEX using the ReFS filesystem, currently) saves almost 50% of space due to many of the files being smaller than the sectors on the drive. I purchased JPEGMini many years ago and still have the license, so I tried to optimize the JPEGS in the folder. Problem is, JPEGMini uses only one thread, so it would take weeks to get through all the files. Have you looked into intelligent image optimization? There's quite a few other tools already that do this, but none (that I know of) which can use all the cores you have and of course have your well-known interface and ease of use. For PNG files I use PNGGauntlet for lossless PNG optimization (it's slooow but uses brute force to try every single method of lossless compression, then picks the smallest result, unlike TinyPNG or similar which focus on lossy PNG compression), but that program is getting pretty old and I don't think anyone is working with it anymore. I do appreciate the files are fully editable for power users though, please keep this philosophy, some of us find it useful and fun :)

Thanks for building these tools! Can't wait to see what's next :thumbup:

09-01-2018, 07:10 AM
What is intelligent image optimization?

05-26-2019, 08:51 AM
What is intelligent image optimization?

Sorry for the late response - basically the process of using machine learning to figure out just how far you can compress an image without visual degradation. Here's someone who is doing exactly this: https://www.instart.com/products/web-performance/image-optimization