View Full Version : Sound truncated converting SWF to WMV

05-22-2018, 04:30 PM
I am trying to convert an SWF file meant to be played in a loop. The audio cuts out 1-2 seconds before the end when converting to WMV or MP4 (H264). The SWF audio plays as intended with the old Adobe Media Player (see below), so that seems not to be corrupted.

I have successfully converted a couple of other SWFs.

Incidentally, video (in the form of a few looped still pictures) is not converted at all and the file plays in both WMP and Windows Movies and TV as though it were an WMA file. In this case it doesn't matter to me as I'm only interested in the audio. And AMP doesn't show the video either except for a graphic overlay. It only plays properly on the DeviantArt website. This was an early effort by the file's creator, so I wouldn't sweat it.

So, I'm unconcerned about lack of video. I only bring it up because I'm wondering: Might it be possible in the future to use Video Converter to extract audio only?

05-23-2018, 03:42 AM
If you have dBpoweramp Music Converter installed, and the Video converter, you can convert to a format they both support, such as mp4, then the music converter should be able to extract the audio.

05-23-2018, 06:31 PM
I have confirmed that, thanks. But I still need to be able to extract the full audio from the SWF. Is there anything I can try?

05-24-2018, 04:26 AM
I do not think there is, there will always be fringe cases for audio file and video files that we cannot support.