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04-26-2018, 12:00 PM
I'm at the point where I want my money back for PerfectTunes. Okay, here's the problem. And to make the waters less muddy, I've completely deleted my iTunes folder, leaving ONLY the My Music folder in Windows 10. So there's only one library of music folders and files. And every track is an MP3.

And these are all under CERTAIN MATCHES

So I'm ripping CD's I've got about 400 ripped so far. I also brought in music from my iPods to My Music, so I've got a lot of duplicates. So I launch DeDup and let it find them.

Okay, let's focus on only one CD or Folder.

As it happens, the Artist and Album has NO duplicates showing up in the folder. You go to My Music and look under the Artist, and then the CD or Album, and you find that Album. You open it to find Tracks 1 - 12, just like it should be. No duplicate tracks. Correct, because I just ripped it and the folder didn't even exist 10 minutes ago under that Artist.

But DeDup says each track in the Album has two duplicate tracks for each track you actually see in the folder. I decide to delete ONE of each duplicate for that folder. I picked the upper DELETE button of the two it showed for each track. When I go back and look at the folder, all the tracks are now gone. No music now in that folder.

I re-rip the CD. I launch DeDup and I CLEAR the cache, and let it re-scan the entire My Music folder. Again, DeDup says each track on that CD has a duplicate. This time I try hitting the bottom DELETE for each track. Going into My Music, and that CD's folder, again ... all tracks are gone.

I re-rip the CD. I launch DeDup again. This time I point my mouse at each "i" it shows for each duplicate. Every time I look at the information for the duplicates, it takes me to the same folder, and same track. All the info is the same for each duplicate.

It's a damn good thing I didn't hit the MASS DELETE button as I was planning on doing.

Sorry for the language, but why the hell is DeDup showing me duplicate tracks for only one track in a folder????? I paid $40 thinking this program was going to help me with getting all my CD's ripped and organized on my new computer. But I can't even trust it with one folder, let alone 100 folders.

Can someone explain to me why it's showing duplicates when there clearly are none?

04-26-2018, 02:16 PM
Where you have set PerfectTUNES up, the control center, for Music Library there is just 1 entry?