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03-15-2017, 08:54 PM
I've just been reading through and enjoying "Spoons Audio Guide" and I have a little tale of my own to tell. It's nothing new but I was reminded of this recently when trying to purchase FLAC files from HDTracks.

Mr Greedy is indeed the spoilt child of the modern world however in some countries he has an even more annoying and bitter friend, Mr Distro.

Mr Distro holds the rights to distribute Mr Greedy's products in different countries. There are many Mr Distros around the world, each making money for doing nothing but on-selling Mr Greedy's product to people living on different rocks. Presumably he pays Mr Greedy a stack of cash for these exclusive rights, so MR Greedy is still the root of all evil and earning sacks of monies.

Mr Music, likes music and wants to pay the artists for their product so they can earn a living and in turn make more of the music he likes. He's also a fastidious guy and wants his music in reasonable quality. Unfortunately for Mr Music, physical media of his favourite music isn't always available on his large but quite unpopulated rock. The stores rarely stock anything aside from the most popular, usually low quality, artists.

On many occasions My Music has no choice but to buy his music from Mr Internet but more often than not Mr Distro, is there to stop him. Mr Distro hates Mr Internet, how dare Mr Internet come into his rock offering products he has the right to but can't be bothered making available. No one should have them! Only he has the right!
So Mr Distro has employed Mr Geo-blocker to block sales and content to his rock.

Mr Music is tired of seeing:

"This product is not currently available due to region restrictions"

Mr Music can employ Mr Proxy to bypass Mr Geo-blocker but its all just getting too hard. Mr Music WANTS to pay for his music and get it CD quality. But Mr Greedy, Mr Distro and Mr Geo-blocker force Mr Music to take a house to house taxi to find his music.