View Full Version : Sveta Portable Audio Release 4

01-13-2004, 07:01 PM
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Shows Initializing Sveta on start
WMA v9 now shows all options

Sveta Explorer - double clicking file in local file list uploads it to portable
Sveta Explorer - file list type of mp4
Sveta Explorer - no longer can rename ..
Sveta Explorer - no longer can delete ..
Sveta Explorer - no longer counts .. or folders as tracks (total at bottom)
Sveta Explorer - New 'Audio' button, so can convert or smart convert
Sveta Explorer - Shows detailed popup info on a local file if hold mouse over the icon for 2 seconds

Sveta Compression DLL - added a smart conversion mode - click 'smart' and enter formats (or bitrates) that should not be converted, just sent as is.

Bug Fix: Certain devices would only save the last track transferred in a 'Convert To >> Portable'
Bug Fix: Stops other Svetas accessing the same device
Bug Fix: Sveta Add Device was searching for new devices on a 2nd thread, this caused problems for COM object devices (Creative range!)
Bug Fix: Again Creative devices - this one fixes Ripping CDs direct to Creative device