View Full Version : Slower ripping speeds with my new burner than my old one - Please Help

12-31-2003, 11:44 PM
I just got a new burner, a Samsung combo drive that burns CD-R's at 52x, CD-RW's at 24x, and reads CD's at 52x, as well as reads DVD's at 16x. The model number is: SM-352B.

Anyways, so far the burning, reading, and playing have been spot on with the new burner. The only problem I have is with audio ripping. I use dB PowerAMP Music Converter, and for some reason, my 3 year old 8x burner seems to rip faster. When it shows how fast the actual ripping goes, my burner goes at like 25x, which is about right, and my older burner goes at 8x, which is also right. However, the "Realtime Encoding" always goes just a little faster on my older burner. So, as a result, my overall ripping speed on my older burner is a bit faster. This isn't a big deal with just 1 MP3 or anything like that, but when I want to rip whole CD's, the time difference could be quite large.

I really don't even know what "Realtime Encoding" means. I do know that when you rip MP3's, most of the time is spent compressing, rather than actually ripping, but I just don't know why my older burner rips faster. Does "Realtime Encoding" have to do with my overall system, or just my drive? Also, does anyone know any possible reasons why the older burner rips a little faster than my newer one? Thanks a lot.

01-02-2004, 07:23 PM
The only way you can compare Drives and not compressing is to use the Test Conversion ripping format.