View Full Version : Moving from PC to Mac

02-02-2016, 10:52 AM
I purchased dBpoweramp in 2012 and was using it on a Windows PC.

I have now moved to a Mac and am using version 1.0 beta 7. I see from the web site that there is a more up to date version available (R 14.4 or R15) but I only seem to be able to download the Windows version.

Can I somehow download a modern version for the Mac please (I'm happy to abandon my PC installation) or do I have to buy it all over again?


Nick Rich

02-02-2016, 04:27 PM
We have a 50% discount offer link for those wishing to purchase an OS X license, if they already own a Windows dBpoweramp Reference license.

Visit registration retrieval:


Enter your existing dBpoweramp Reference order number, and click the offer link.

02-03-2016, 04:40 AM
Great - thanks. I'll do that.