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Sugar Magnolia
01-04-2016, 09:12 AM
I'm running a batch conversion, 577 24/96 Flac -> 16/44.1 Flac.

These are being created as new files on a different directory on the same local drive.

This is running about 1.8x and reporting 1 Day 17 Hours (this seems to keep increasing) remain. I expect that at this rate it will take 4+ days, as there is 8+ days worth of music.

When I look at the CPU usage in windows, it is very low, around 1% for my 8 core CPU. Memory usage is around 4 of 16 GB.

See attached.

Is there anything I can do to help this? Priority is set to "Above Normal".

Thanks, Pete

01-04-2016, 10:09 AM


It is likely where you are writing to.

Sugar Magnolia
01-04-2016, 10:21 AM
Thanks. I'd seen that thread, but wasn't sure if it applied here.

At any rate, I changed to writing to a different drive and holy crap, what an improvement.

Now running at 80x and this should be complete within an hour, not 4 days.

I guess it makes sense, that with 8 simultaneous reads and 8 simultaneous writes, that if they can be separated onto different drives, the whole system should work better.

Thanks again!