View Full Version : Minimum required to invoke Playlist Writer DSP?

11-03-2015, 07:50 PM
I want to use the Batch Converter to select files from a library to include in a playlist. What "Converting to:" (codec) can I choose that does the absolute least amount of work while actually creating the specified playlist?

When I choose a collection of FLAC files for conversion for one of my music players, I select because I want those files in Vorbis or MP3 format for the target player. A playlist in that context seems illogical -- populating a player library vs group to play together.

I tried the [Audio Info] option with the Playlist Writer DSP but no file was created.
I tried the Test Conversion option with that DSP and a playlist was created, however it took over 5 minutes to create a playlist for 66 tracks.

It is a _huge_ benefit to be able to use the File Selector to choose folders and/or files for inclusion in a playlist, whether those files are in the FLAC library and don't need conversion, or already in a Vorbis or MP3 library on a player. What is the minimum required (in terms of processing time and power) to invoke the Playlist Writer DSP?

11-04-2015, 04:11 AM
It is not designed for what you are using, you might be better investigating some 3rd party playlist writer.