View Full Version : confidence of 1... some tracks "inaccurate" but all tracks "Secure"

Busta Uppa
08-27-2015, 01:18 AM
In the scenario described in the title... would this mean that only one result for the CD has been submitted in the past?

So the inaccurate tracks in my rip are essentially "my word vs. his," in terms of the lone submission that the AccurateRip database has to work with? Or am I misunderstanding how Accuraterip works.

To be more precise, it is the final 5 tracks in the cd that are deemed inaccurate, but still secure. Confidence is listed as 1 in all tracks. Makes me wonder if it's just a slightly different pressing of the CD that I'm working with. Is this a common scenario with low-confidence CDs in AccurateRip?

08-27-2015, 04:02 AM

Busta Uppa
08-27-2015, 06:10 AM
Thank you!