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08-08-2015, 11:18 AM

I have ripped my cd-collection with a rather old cd-rom player.
I have ripped the cd:s in another program then dbpoweramp. The program I have used isnīt accurate rip programs. For the most files I have used an old version of Nero and Windows Media player. The files where converted to wave. After that I used a free converting program to convert the files to flac (for the most part I used Free Audio Converter).

Then I got cold feet and thought that maybe this wasnīt a smart way to rip the cd:s.
I then installed perfect tunes to check the files. Some albums the program couldnīt recognize, some tracks the program said was inaccurate. But most of the files were Accurate rip according to PerfectTunes. The Verified Confidence is all from 1-200.

I will get dbpoweramp to rip the files I have problem with. But it would save me much time if I donīt need to do this with the other albums and files.

My questions are:
1)PerfectTunes says the files are accurate ripped, even though I have used "bad" programs to rip and convert the files with. Can I be (100%) sure that there is no quality loss when I ripped and converted with these programs instead of dbpoweramp?

2)The program couldnīt find some well-known albums (like Bruce Springsteen – Human touch). I have the original cd with these albums, so that shouldnīt be a problem. Do you know the reason why!?

3)What does the “Pressing offset” stand for? Most of the time I get +6 here, but it can also be something totally different, like +1316. But there are (almost) always the same pressing offset for the same album.

Thanks in advance!


08-08-2015, 06:57 PM
(1) Yes!

08-09-2015, 04:22 AM
Ok, thanks!

Following questions...
4) Do you get the same result with the unregisetred version and the purchased version?
5) If the program canīt read the files, can anyone recommend another program that can check for glitches and so on?
I for example have some files that has different lenghts. Maybe dbpoweramp has such a program....?


08-09-2015, 04:24 AM
2) If the disc has a non-standard starting position, this information is only present on the CD and AccurateRip needs to generate the disc ID, without it a lookup has to be done and the lookup database is not populated as much. Also some programs would rip extended CDs with the wrong track length for the last track.

A pressing offset is the offset which is induced on CDs when they are manufactured, each time a pressing run is done a new offset is created.