View Full Version : ID Tagger & Multiple Composers/ComposerSorts

08-06-2015, 03:29 PM
I installed PerfectTunes 2 a couple of days ago, ran ID Tags on my FLAC files and happily went through the "Lists and Recommendations" clicking on the recommendations for ComposerSort. I noticed that when I ran it again, some of the recommendations I'd accepted were back in the list. Eventually I decided that the behaviour was related to tracks with multiple Composer and presumably multiple ComposerSort tags. I *think* what was probably happening was that I was accepting a ComposerSort recommendation on someone at the top of the list, and then overwriting it with a recommendation on a co-composer from further down the list. Either ending up with a single "ComposerSort" tag for the file, or having the same value in each ComposerSort tag in the file.

I'll grant you, after due consideration, that it's not entirely obvious how a piece of software should handle a track with multiple ComposerSort tags! Or even what it means to have multiple ComposerSort tags when those tags are not explicitly linked to the relevant Composer tag! But I think some 'cleverer' behaviour from ID Tagger would be good. I have no bright ideas, unfortunately - maybe in the list of ComposerSort tags, group those from the same file together in some way? Combine multiple composers into a single ComposerSort tag?


08-11-2015, 06:15 AM
I am not sure what could be done either.