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07-23-2015, 03:55 AM
I am a very happy dbPoweramp user since some years now, using dBpoweramp Reference R14.4 (Single PC)
I have close to 1,5 TB of albums ripped in FLAC format within a folder structure album artist/album name on my Synology NAS
Once in a while, i am trying to batch convert them into MP3 CBR 320 for use by the ipads, phones, etc...
I am able to do that very well interactively via batch converter, with another target folder on the NAS, having identical substructures as the source FLAC collection.
I works even on more than 35000 files to be converted... only drawback being that it requires my pc to be turned on for 3 days consecutively to achieve that.
(also half an hour to check the source file structure before asking me to confirm the target folder...)

So my question is (reading the possibility for scripting or command line execution...) how to achieve my batch conversion process in background

1) Are there sample scripts ?
My requirement is very simple : convert everything from a windows drive G, being my NAS, from folder G:\FLAC (and all its subfolders containing the albums in flac) into G:\CBR320 (with the samed subfolder structure),
without any advanced conversions like equalization, retagging, artwork etc...
Maybe just to avoid conversion for files already there (converted by previous runs earlier) on the target folder... (so an overwrite = No modus)
I do have some IT affinities, but am not a VB or C developper to achieve that...
So any help to put us on track with that would be greatly beneficial

2) what is the best tool to run those scripts then on a pc (or alternatively mac, since i am considering upgrading to R15 on Mac)

3) ain't there a batch conversion tool that could be run directly on the NAS (Synology DS212), rather than needing a PC

Thanks in advance for your valuable help, mostly appreciated