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07-08-2015, 10:41 AM
First of all, wonderful product. Would not have spent the time to digitize my collection without your software. Well worth the humble price tag.

I'm having an issue with the Silence Track Deletion DSP. I initially looks like it works, but then adds the removed files back as a 0 kb file at the end of the rip. This also takes a fair amount of time and during the process CD Ripper (and also batch ripper) appears to be hung.

I rip everything to Flac with compression-level-5 and the 'verify' option. I rip mainly for playback and not archiving purposes. I have the following DSP's setup in this order:

HDCD: Setup to use the +6 db Amplification -- although I've seen people complain about this setting, I have not had a problem with any of the 6 or 7 HDCD's in my collection of 1000+ discs; spectral analysis shows no peaks and sound is closer in volume to non-hdcd's (not all of my players support the Replay Gain tags).

Audio CD Silence Track Removal: Silence is defined as 'Any Value Below -45 dB 0.6%' which I believe is the default setting.

Audio CD - Hidden Track Silence Removal: Silence is defined as 'Any Value Below -45 dB 0.6%', and the detection threshold is set to '4000 ms'.

ReplayGain: Set to write Track & Album Gain, advanced settings - Albums Identified By 'Album ID Tag' and 'Gain Calculation EBU R 128' '-18 LUFS Target Volume.

So, the disc I'm using to test is Nine Inch Nails - Broken. It has 6 tracks followed by 91 tracks of silence (of 1 second) and then two additional tracks with music. This is a pressed retail cd is 'new' condition (just cracked the plastic myself).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm pulling my hair out over here. I have a stack of other cd's with hidden tracks (both appended to the last track and with the random number of silent tracks) that I have to re-rip (my initial run through them didn't have any DSP, and as a result, my playback devices will occasionally have large bouts of silence when these tracks come up). I'm just waiting to resolve this before I continue.

A couple of things I plan on trying to test and see if it resolves the trouble:

Remove the 'verify audio' setting from the Flac encoder.

Add the DSP Effect 'process all offline'

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

07-08-2015, 10:49 AM
>This also takes a fair amount of time and during the process CD Ripper (and also batch ripper) appears to be hung.

How long per track?

07-08-2015, 11:14 AM
Quick Update:

Turning the 'verify' option off for the Flac encoder resulted in the exact same behavior.
Adding the 'force non-live' DSP effect resulted in the exact same behavior.
While the CD Ripper appears to be hung (after the rip has completed while is adding the 0 Byte 'Silence' files back to the folder), if you attempt to close CD Ripper, it fails and the process changes its status to 'Not Responding' in the Windows Task manager.

I thought I should also tell you a bit about my system. I'm using the latest 64 bit version of Reference (release 15.3) and the DSP Effects are release 11.
I have two Plextor DVDR PX-L890SA drives that I use to rip (behavior is the same regardless of which drive is used). OS is Windows 8.1 Professional (64 bit). Processor is an Intel Core i7-3930K (6 core - hyperthreaded), and system has 64 GB of RAM, an intel board, and runs Intel SSD drives for both data and the OS.

Rip Settings are below (if they are important):

Ripping Method: Secure
Secure Settings:
Pass 1: AccurateRip Verified
Ultra Secure: Enabled
Minimum Ultra Passes: 1
Maximum Ultra Passes: 2
End After Clean Passes: 1
Vary Drive Speed: Enabled
Individual Bad Frames:
Maximum Re-Reads: 34 times
Set Drive Speed: (Maximum)
Drive Read Cache: (none)
Clear Read Cache with FUA: Disabled
C2 Error Pointers for Error Detection: Enabled
8KB Transfers (C2 Pointers over USB / Firewire)
Secure Rip Abort
After Unrecoverable Frames: 1 frame
When have to re-rip: (no abort)
After Ripping a Track for: 10 minutes
Interpolate Unrecoverable Frames: Disabled
Mark Track as Error if Insecure: Enabled
Cancel Disc Ripping After Any Insecure Track: Enabled
Secure Extraction Log:
Report Contents: Complete
Write to File: (same as ripped to path)
Add to Information Log: Disabled
Query Ripping Results with AccurateRip: Enabled
Cross-Pressing Verification: Enabled
Send Finger Prints: Enabled
Send Results to Online Database:
Schedule submission reminder every 30 days
Meta Data:
Meta Data & ID Tag: (not adjusted from default)
File Name Restricted Characters: (not adjusted from default)
Manufacturer: PLEXTOR
CD Drive: DVDR PX-L890SA
Firmware: 1.07
Serial: 2011/11/15 10:15
Maximum Speed: 8467 KB/sec (x47)
Current Speed: 8467 KB/sec (x47)
Spin-down After: Never
Buffer Size: 1.5 MB
Accurate Stream: Yes
C2 Error Pointers: Yes
Reads ISRC: Yes
Reads UPC: Yes
After Rip: Eject CD Only if Secure or Accurate
Ripping Speed: (Maximum)
Spin-up Time: (none)
Spin-down After: (default)
Sample Offset: +6
Read into Lead-in or Lead-out: Disabled
Communication: SCSI Pass Through (SPT)
Prevent Detection of Hidden First Track: Disabled

07-08-2015, 11:20 AM
>This also takes a fair amount of time and during the process CD Ripper (and also batch ripper) appears to be hung.

How long per track?

After the rip shows 100%, and the folder only contains the tracks with actual music, the zero bytes files appear in the folder at rate of ~1 per 7 seconds until all the silent tracks are created in the folder. I also want to add that these files have no ID tags or other data.

Spoon, between this software and the AccurateRip database, you are a legend. Thank you.

07-08-2015, 12:49 PM
Just wanted to add that I just tested with another CD with the same results: Cracker - Kerosene Hat. Pressed Retail Disc.

07-10-2015, 10:09 AM
I think I know why this is happening, I will mark as a bug for next beta

04-13-2016, 10:28 PM
Any update?

04-13-2016, 10:42 PM
Ignore this request for update, just saw you working on R16. With hit the beta to see if issue still reproducable. Keep being awesome.

04-15-2016, 10:31 PM
Identical behavior in R16 beta... Sad panda. Would new CD-Rom drives help? I'm in the market for new drives possibly, since one of my 3 Plextor just gave up the ghost, and I would prefer a matched set. Any suggestions for internal PC drives to buy new?

02-01-2019, 06:13 AM
I'm having some issue with this also - I use dBp for audio production - and in this case:

I have a bunch of files with sound at the very beginning, and sound at the very end. I would like to batch the removal of the silence in the middle of the file.

Silent Track Deletion seems like the right way to do this, but I'm not getting any results. Does anyone have a recommendation?