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12-09-2003, 07:14 PM
Simple to use install creator:


All Changes:

Spanish Language Added
Switched to BSD License
Have added option for commandline compiling of an existing install file call with something like - "C:Program FilesSpoonInstallSpoonCreateInstaller.exe" " c:yourinstall.spi
Added on commandline - useful if your install runs another spoon install and you don't want options ie - c:A Path or Install Creator - easy quick selection of files to included (select top hold shift select bottom file, click in square) Install Creator - when install exe is creating there now option to cancel. Install Creator - in show version numbers displays last write date
Install Creator - no longer lets project name to contain / : * ? " < > | Option to create an uninstall (default on).
Option to offer to uninstall old version before installing new (default on).
Registry values created by SpoonInstaller are removed on uninstall Uninstall
no longer tries to delete empty system folders (such as desktop).