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12-08-2003, 09:06 PM
HI, need alittle help I would like to re-install Swetaand give it another try. Last time Ihad it installed I could not get it to recognize my player (creative 10g)and nomad IIc had to use WMP. Now no longer have a portable,but my roommate has her IIc. I would like to put WMPto sleep, and use Sweta. I've seen updates for creative players. Iguess my question is what Sweta version to use and does it also download DMCr10 ? Thanks for any assistance.

12-08-2003, 10:23 PM
Install the latest version of creative's nomad driver from www.nomadworld.com (I'm guessing you already have it if you are using WMP to transfer songs to the portable)

Then the latest Sveta from the beta forums http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthread.php?t=2454

Make sure to uninstall the old Creative Sverta drivers if it was installed then get and install the Sveta-WDM player driver http://www.dbpoweramp.com/bin/svetadrivers/SPA-WDM.exe

And finally, reinstall the lastest version of DMC (just to be safe).

12-09-2003, 06:52 PM
I think I have fixed all issues now, so Install the latest Sveta (Ross's link), uninstall any Sveta Drivers and install this Nomad IIc driver: