View Full Version : Bug report: dBpoweramp is not loading track titles from cdplayer.ini

05-25-2015, 11:08 AM
I am finding that dBpoweramp will read the author name and album name from cdplayer.ini, but not the track titles. There are some CDs for which I cannot retrieve metadata for PerfectMeta, but I have the data in cdplayer.ini. I have inserted the CD into my computer's drive and queried other online metadata sources, and written the results to cdplayer.ini . I can see that the track titles have been written into the cdplayer.ini file record...but it appears that dBpoweramp will only retrieve the Album Artist and Title information get into the metadata. In previous releases this was not a problem, but on Registered 15.1 and higher this is a problem.

thank you for your help, RPP

05-25-2015, 12:04 PM
Well! embarassingly, I determined the source of the problem. Very tricky, but solved.
as a suggestion, it would be desirable for dBpoweramp to allow the user to specify the location of the cdplayer.ini file.
Presently, it is stored in the main Windows directory (C:\Windows), which is a "deprecated location," as it were, since Vista, as the user does not normally have access to the file. I was not sure how to delete my post, but it can be ignored.