View Full Version : PT Album Art "Listening to library" -- What's saved? When repeated?

04-10-2015, 12:18 PM
A 14,500 track FLAC library organized as follows:
Artist folder 1
Album folder 1, Album folder 2, ...
Artist folder 2
Album folder 1, .....
When I first approached the task of updating a 14,500 track FLAC library with art I encountered the huge initial estimate for the "listening" stage so I created a folder "1" subordinate to "Music" and moved groups of artist folders there for the Album Art process to work on. When work on each group was completed and art updated, I moved those artist folders back to their original location and staged the next subset.

Since the point at which I thought the process complete and the current time, I've also pointed PT AA at specific artist or album folders to process a second time.

I've subsequently noticed some erroneous covers and want to visually scan the cover art for the entire library. I'd also like to know which covers are considered low-res. If I point PT Album Art at the Music folder it starts the process of "listening" again from the beginning. If I move the whole structure into the "1" folder (where all the artist and album folders were initially indexed and scanned) PT AA still wants to repeat the entire listening process.

Why does PT AA insist on re-listening to the entire collection -- that process was completed once? How is the information produced by that process saved and when is it discarded (and why would that be so)?

04-15-2015, 03:09 AM
If you move the files, PT loses track of them and has to rescan fully.