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01-25-2015, 11:00 AM
Ran perfect tunes initially to identify all duplicate tracks. After a long time due to size of the library all duplicate tracks were found and then deleted.
With my library only containing a single version of each track I then ran DBpweramp batch convertor to convert all tracks to Flac files. Upon doing this I now have the original file (MP3 format) and the new Flac files. I ran perfect tunes again after clearing the cache and it didn't identify any duplicates?

My music library is stored on a Synology diskstation but having successfully run perfect tunes once I'm not sure this could be a problem. Have I just wasted money on a program that doesn't work the way I think it should or am I missing something simple? Thought it was a good investment the first time it ran, not so sure now.

01-25-2015, 02:09 PM
My reply doesn't answer your question (I suspect you don't have all the files in the same folder/subfolder, so its not finding the new copies to check). But another important issue I noticed. Am I reading this correctly that you converted mp3 files to FLAC files? Do you realize that this doesn't do *anything* other than make very large copies of your mp3 files (stored in FLAC containers). Converting to FLAC (or any other lossless format) from a lossy format like mp3 does NOT restore any of the data that was thrown out when creating the mp3 files. You're simply creating very large files for no particular reason.

01-27-2015, 08:15 AM
My files are all duplicated in their original folders i.e within in each artsit/album folder I now have an mp3 file and a Flac file. When I use DSfile or DSaudio (Synology apps/programs) I can see both file formats listed in the same file path. As stated previously I have cleared the cache and have now ran the Dedup on 2 separate computers, both returning no matches.
With regard to the Flac conversion I didn't realise that the file wasn't 'cleaned up'. I did think it was quite impressive that it could replace missing data. now a bit disappointed with purchasing perfect tunes. i thought I had sorted my music library but now seems I'm back to where I was!

01-27-2015, 08:57 AM
>I have cleared the cache and have now ran the Dedup on 2 separate computers, both returning no matches.

Then there are no duplicates (in any of the folders scanned by perfecttunes).

The synology apps must be finding something different, use Windows File explorer, can you see mp3 and FLAC files?

01-27-2015, 03:22 PM
Ok, I have looked at the file path in windows ie computer> diskstation> "file name" and it shows each track in both formats. I have again cleared the cache and changed the file path to that above. To save time I have only tried it on one particular album with known duplicates and it still won't find both formats. My initial run of de dup found lots of duplicates from various files that are on the synology. Not sure why it no longer wants to work. Very frustrating!!

01-27-2015, 03:47 PM
>computer> diskstation>

This is a virtual path which is only accessible to Windows Explorer, in Perfect tunes you would add the network share, select browse and add the diskstation music share under the network tree).

01-27-2015, 04:13 PM
I have tried both file paths, no joy. I'm convinced that it doesn't see the two file formats as being the same file. It originally found duplicate mp3 files which I spent hours deleting. I then varied out what I thought to be an upgrade from mp3 to Flac and this is where the problem started. Running de dup the same way as I did originally but with files contains a flac and mp3 version it doesn't recognise them as duplicates. Back to where I started but with 2 file formats. Seriously thinking about removing anything that I have a c.d copy of and ripping from scratch. I'll just have to go through anything else and manually remove. Will be pursuing a refund for perfect tunes if this is the case.

01-27-2015, 05:38 PM
Which exact file paths have you set in PerfectTUNES?

01-28-2015, 04:15 AM
\\DISKSTATION\music\"file name" This path is selected by going into Computer> network> DISKSTATION.

01-28-2015, 04:54 AM

this is the correct path, only the above should be listed in PerfectTUNES library, you should not have a filename selected/

01-28-2015, 06:28 AM
"file name" is just an indication of the sub folder I checked, for example Pink Floyd. I checked a folder with known duplicates for a quick check as I didn't want to run de dup for another 3 hrs to check the whole library. I assumed I could check a known folder the same way I could check the whole library. Difficult to communicate in writing the problem I'm having. I'm sure I used the trial version to check a single folder to prove how useful perfect tunes would be before spending money. It is only since the extra flac files have been added to the folders that I've had a problem.

01-28-2015, 06:38 AM
The issue could be, that the duplicate is in your library (for example if you converted to a different folder), the media server which uses ID Tags would show the duplicate. Have a look in the folder:

\\DISKSTATION\music\Pink Ployd\

with Windows Explorer, you can see both mp3 and FLAC files?

01-28-2015, 08:09 AM
Yes I can see both files within the same folder. This is the case with everything that I 'converted' from mp3 to Flac.

01-28-2015, 09:01 AM
Please email one FLAC file + its corresponding matching mp3 file from that folder:


We will check them.