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01-13-2015, 04:44 PM
Hi. I recently checked "The Very Best of the Eagles" double CD from 2003 with PerfectTunes. CD1 verified fine, with confidences around 190 for each track, but for CD2 PerfectTunes said the disc was not present in the database! I couldn't understand this. So I got 2 additional copies from the library to test and I got the same results!

So for all 3 copies, CD1 verifies accurately. But CD2 for all 3 copies is not in the database.

I it impossible to believe that CD1 would be verified to almost 200 confidence for each track yet CD2 would not in the database.

(I ripped all 3 copies with iTunes as ALAC files.)

Anyone have any idea what's happening here? I don't believe I'm doing anything wrong. I've verified many double CDs I've ripped with iTunes with no trouble. It's just this one that is giving me trouble. My settings are consistent, and the same for any of the other double CDs I've ripped and verified with PerfectTUNES.

Please help!


P.S. These are all US releases.

01-13-2015, 05:23 PM
It is very possible, if either:

The CD1 was released also not part of the box set.
or CD2 has a non-standard starting offset, and AccurateRip does not have this offset yet in its database.

If you rip this cd in dbpoweramp it does not need this value, because it is present on the CD. PerfectTUNES needs to lookup this value.