View Full Version : Upgraded to dBpoweramp R15.1 Reference: getting 'Error running CoreConverter'

11-21-2014, 03:34 PM
I recently upgraded to dBpoweramp R15.1 Reference, and when I went to rip a CD, it would hang on CPU1 Encoding 0%, and then eventually give me the following error:

"Error running CoreConverter"

Or the full errors:
Error ripping to mp3 (Lame), 'Track 12' to 'D:\Music\Dar Williams\Dar Williams - [2014] Keeping Me Honest; Honesty Room 20th*Anniversary Concert Live\[12] (Hidden Track) Flinty Kind of Woman (Live).mp3'
Error running CoreConverter

(note this happens on all tracks, so the fact that this is track 12 is not relevant)

I looked through the forums, and saw a few suggestions:
I have:
a- rebooted
b- reinstalled (after insuring old versions were not installed) and again rebooted
c- turned off antivirus and other protection files
d- set CoreConverter.exe to 'run as Administrator' with and without a reboot

None of these seemed to have any effect whatsoever.

This is an awesome program and I've ripped my entire 700+ CD library with it on an earlier version. I figure this is hopefully just a simple configuration issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.

11-22-2014, 04:38 AM
If the file Coreconverter.exe is in the same folder as musicconverter.exe, then it must be a permissions issue, try setting the account to an administrator account as a test.

11-22-2014, 07:50 AM
Figured it out.
Stupid firewall thing was blocking it (Comodo).
Turning that off didn't help, but when I tested by running CoreConverter.exe from a DOS prompt, that spawned a firewall permissions thing.

So because dBpoweramp is cooler than Comodo, I uninstalled Comodo and it worked like a charm (and replaced with another firewall tool).

Thanks for your help.

11-22-2014, 07:51 AM
Seems odd that a firewall would stop programs which do not access the internet from running...

11-22-2014, 10:37 AM
Seems odd that a firewall would stop programs which do not access the internet from running...

Yeah, you'd think. I think in addition to firewall, it had local binary protection stuff. Annoying, and honestly, caused me some grief in the past. So... goodbye Comodo.