View Full Version : Memory leak in batch converter?

11-08-2014, 04:41 AM

I have ripped my CDs to FLAC, and yesterday I updated to dbPowerAmp 15.1 and started to convert them to MP3:130+250kb/s and AAC:150+256kb/s with the batch converter in multi mode.

It seems to have progressed just fine until more than half (7435 out of 12986 songs) were converted, but then the progress slowed to a halt as my PC ran out of memory.

When checking the task list, I could see that MusicConverter.exe had allocated 15.2 GB of virtual memory and my PC unfortunately only has 12, so CPU usage had dropped from 99% to 1%...

I will try to convert the second half of my collection today, but it would be good if this could be fixed in the next update.

My PC uses a Intel Core i7 870 CPU with 4 cores and 8 thread capacity.

Thanks in advance.

11-08-2014, 03:17 PM