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10-25-2014, 01:06 PM
DBPowerAmp has served me well with recogniseing tracks and artists until I tried to RIP my copy of the October issue of DMC's DJ Promo 188 which has two CDs.

This is not surprising as DMC is a DJ-only service so I was pleasantly surprised when the first CD in the two CD set was recognised and populated all the artists and tracks, but the second CD just lists "Track1 etc". No idea why someone would have entered just the first CD of a two CD set and not bothered with the second in whatever the central database is, but anyway...

For the first time I tried to enter all the details manually. The problem is with "Artist". Unlike all the other available columns "Album" doesn't appear in the main grid when it's selected. In fact whether you select it in the column list (by right-clicking the column header to show what you want to select/input) or not it just doesn't appear in the columns. Every other listed attribute causes a column to appear/disappear in the grid below it,but "Artist" does nothing.

There is an Artist and an Album Artist input field above the grid that shows the tracks, but whatever I enter is then immediately applied to all the tracks not just the selected track that I'm entering details for. Why have an "Album Artist" if the "Artist" input is going to do the same thing? It makes no sense to have two descriptions and input fields for the exact same thing. I thought at first it was because I'd got all the tracks ticked for ripping but I've tried unticking the tracks, selecting the tracks just one at a time and entering the Artist and it doesn't work. As soon as I enter a name into the "Artist" track it overwrites ALL the tracks. When I go back to a previous track I've entered details for I find it's been completely over-ridden by what the last entry was.

How on earth am I supposed to enter individual track artists?

10-25-2014, 01:16 PM
And of course, just after I post I find the answer. There's a "Compilation" checkbox. If you tick that then the last thing you enter for an artist doesn't get copied to all the tracks. Doh!

So here's another question?

Is there anyway to add a "Genre" that's missing from the drop-down list. I want to add the same genres DMC uses which are missing (eg Dance/EDM, Indie, Indie/Pop, Dance/Pop etc)?


10-25-2014, 03:08 PM
You can type in to the genre box.