View Full Version : Batch Ripper Feature Request: Disc Unique increment vs. decrement option?

10-13-2014, 03:35 AM
Dear Spoon,

Would really really love an option to have the disc unique number go DOWN for each disc.

Right now I have a stack of discs with numbers on them and I go into regedit and change the disc unique number to correspond with the serial number I've had put on the disc. The problem is that my discs are stacked with the first one on the bottom of the spindle. So to use batch ripper I have to manually pull out each disc and restack them in reverse order before ripping. Not a huge deal but it just seems a silly amount of work with computers. I end up restacking lots and lots of spindles so over time it really adds up.

Would you consider adding a simple checkbox somewhere that says "Disc Unique Reverse Direction?" or Increment vs. Decrement?


Also would be great if right next to this box was a place to view and ALLOW MANUALLY CHANGING the "Starting Disc Unique Number:" so I wouldn't have to do the registry hack thing. Perhaps you only show the option on the main screen if the discunique (or trackunique) numbers are used in the file name. But the main thing is that both an increment/decrement option, and allowing manually setting it/them would be on the main batch screen for fast access (and again for polished UI perhaps those options only show up if the fields are used in the saved file name.)

Thanks for considering.