View Full Version : PerfectTUNES Accurate Rip Max CPU use control?

10-02-2014, 07:29 PM
Just tried PerfectTUNES Accurate Rip (registered) for the first time and was dismayed at its CPU usage. Especially in context of the many thread entries here suggesting that Accurate Rip can work for many many hours. My feeble PentiumJ Quad core has all four cores driven to 100% usage by Accurate Rip - continuously. This Acer computer has two tiny little 1" diameter 'fans' on the CPU and power supply, which do not comfort in regards cooling potential. Is there any way to throttle down the CPU cores usage? My library is very large at about 186 Gbyte in mostly WMA Lossless and Flac.

Will PerfectTUNES Accurate Rip kill my toy computer if I let it at the entire library (for a score or more hours it seems)?


10-03-2014, 03:56 AM
A computer should be able to run at 100% for a year and not suffer any defects, that is how they are designed, laptops even though having small fans, they self scale back the CPU frequency if internally overheating. If only 25% CPU was used, it would take 4x longer to process.