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09-29-2014, 06:39 PM
HI, I just started to look at perfecttunes after many happy years with dbpoweramp and asset server.

The idea sounds great but the implementation seems poor (maybe I'm not using it correctly).

I ran up the trial yesterday and started the accurate rip check.

It took 12+hours and I cancelled a couple of times in the very beginning. When I cancelled it didn't show any "results so far" which means it needs to run all through without breaks or error before anything useful is seen. That is really heavy on Time and bandwidth. I'd like to have had the comfort of seeing "stats so far" and a flag to restart where it left off even at the early development stage.

However now it's done after 12+ hours what I get is a list of corrupted files and the chance to delete them singly - no saveable list it seems but then that may only be on the paid version. When I play the files many play fine. It's not practical for me to buy a new CD for 1 track nor is it necessary for me to always need the "perfect" track. It may be sufficient for me to know the track may be bad and to judge track by track if I want to keep it in the catalogue. So it makes a great deal of sense for these files to be MOVED to a new folder pending deletion/readmittance. I don't see anywhere I can set perfect tunes to do this.

I all seems a bit beta to me :-(

Also by the amount of data that has been sent out to the internet it seems that the CDs may be being copied to illustrate which means they may even be stored. Does this happen? If it does then it's possible that some personal data is transmitted. Ie spoken word/ personal recordings files, personal and unreleased music content etc. How is this prevented? - This may be covered in your privacy statement but I haven't seen it anywhere yet. Could you please supply the link?

I haven't tested any of the other features but the accurate rip feature is big enough for me to judge the product on this alone I think.

The idea is still a good one however.

09-30-2014, 03:54 AM
No audio data is sent, if you had 3000 tracks on an average broadband it would take 2 months to send if the files are lossless....

09-30-2014, 08:58 PM
No audio data is sent, if you had 3000 tracks on an average broadband it would take 2 months to send if the files are lossless....

Thanks spoon. How much data is sent per track? My internet connection says 115GB was sent since I started to run perfect tunes.

Also maybe I owe you an apology ??? I now see an "i export" clickable area at the top of the page and therefore now I know what files need attention when I close the application down. I honestly didn't see that before and therefore my statement of "no savable list" is false! - sorry.

Are there any thoughts on moving rather than deleting files? If so when will it be implemented? I would be surprised if that's not been asked for before and doesn't seem to be a big deal to code.


10-01-2014, 04:38 AM
A track fingerprint is sent, so around 1KB per file, 10,000 files = 10MB, definitely not 115 GB (which is more than my entire music collection and would take my broadband 2 months to send).

12-02-2014, 09:37 PM
I've also had Perfect TUNES for awhile but just now decided to use it. I don't find any instructions, nor anyway to really tell what it is doing. It says it's adding details to tag information I think, but I can't tell where the files are that it's working on. The minimize screen key (-) also does nothing for me. Is my program defective or what?

12-03-2014, 03:38 AM
Which part of PerfectTUNES have you run? it is on the small indexing page (where it says listening to...)?

12-03-2014, 08:59 PM
When I open the Perfect Tunes folder I have three choices: Accurate Rip, Album Art or De-Dup. I'm running the AccurateRip. The screen says Listening To Library with 25 minutes to go, but there's no indication as to where those files are. At the top of that screen there appears to be two drop down menus, at least there are two down arrows but the rectangles are both blank, as is a third rectangle to the right of those two. Except for a "pause" button I don't see anything else on that screen beyond album cover pictures.

12-04-2014, 03:44 AM
You would use the minimise on the smaller Listening To page, as the page behind is disabled.

01-09-2015, 03:29 PM
Long, loooong time user of ripper and converter (first time poster) here...

My general impression of the former tools are they are rock solid. Perfect Tunes as a class of tools is beta-class at best. Somewhat useful, but no where near the same quality level of the other products. The Perfect Tunes has a variety of basic interface design issues, wonky behaviors, and straight out bugs (the majority of which should never have made it out of testing and QA.) I could go into details on each but I think y'all know full well what I'm talking about. I'll list some of the basics here:
Platform: Win7HPsp1 PerfectTunes latest (as of 1/9/2015, no easy way to grok the sw version number from the UI!)

Cover art manager music file view does not support a left/right scroll mechanism and defaults to a maximized view. Shrinking the view makes rightmost selections impossible.
Image browser does not list enough information about the image to enable the user to select the appropriate image.
Image browser should allow user editing and/or adding of URLs to be searched (such as beatport, juno, etc.) and lots of random images show up in the feed.
I would appreciate a way to customize the U/I to show various tags and fields (format tools much like Foobar? Tha'd be damn sexy!)

Dup finder's fingerprinting is pretty good, however it suffers from the window size and lack of left/right scrolling. Really, it'd be much better if it went into single column mode rather than force everyone into three fat apple-like boxes. One of the reasons I'm on windows is I can't stand the apple U/I... Hell, give me KDE or Gnome before you make me use something that looks like itunes, lol!
The audition interface is fast, however you cant scrub...if you do, playback halts. Selecting the play on the next track also halts playback, rather than play the next track.
Same comment about user-customization ala Foobar's tag display variables applies here.

Have not tried accurate rip, I don't really need it in my application.

Anyhow, the application is great in concept, and I look at my license as an investment in improvement and look forward to that.

01-09-2015, 04:02 PM
I am not sure why you would want to scroll left and right in Album Art or Dedup? as much is shown on screen, missing items are shown when scroll up and down. When you resize smaller, restart the program and the display is tailored to the size set (99.9% of people are going to use full screen, as that is its main usage).

The forth coming ID Tagger will allow left and right scrolling because it makes sense to (in that you have a list of tracks and the metadata can be tabulated off screen with the tags).

01-09-2015, 04:19 PM
why do I need to restart the app to get the object wrapping to fit the new window size? the mind boggles...
99.9% use full size? Really? What was your sample size?