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11-21-2003, 03:22 PM
i tried burning an mp3 cd last night, and i really can't figure out how to set a folder structure. even with the setting on artist- track naming, when i burned it there was one huge folder with 163 songs in it (in no particular order to how i put them into the burning database) how do i go through and create folders?

11-21-2003, 09:31 PM
When you first open dBpowerAMP CD Writer (which I assume is what you are using and what you are asking about), click on the button that says "new" (just to the left of the "delete CD" button with the green x). This brings up a window that says "dBpowerAMP CD Writer-Creating Audio CDs". Click on the button that reads Mp3/WMA CD and set the size of the blank disc you will be burning (usually 700 MB). Then select the file format you wish to record to (in this case MP3 but you can select any format you wish). At this point you can also specify your conversion settings.
NOW below that is the label "file naming" and a display that shows your current file naming setting (the default is "(artist)-(track)" which means that it organizes all files first by artist and then by the track name arranged alphabetically but all organized in one folder (as you have discovered). Click on the button that says "set" next to this display. This calls up a window that reads "set file naming". This is where you can set your file naming protocol that you want to use on this disc and create a folder structure. Some examples are provided that you can select or you can create your own protocol following the structure provided. "\" is used to distinguish a level of folder structure so that (artist)\(track) will create separate folders for each artist and tracks by that artist will be arranged alphabetically within that folder. If you want to save entire albums you could use (artist)\(album)\(track number xx)-(track) (you want to throw in "track * xx" if you want to keep the tracks in the same order). Then click on "Create New" (if you want to save this for other future discs) and "ok". It is very important that your file names and id tags are in the proper order.
Hope this helps.
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