View Full Version : Reripping my albums not appearing in PerfectTUNES - you know, for kids

09-18-2014, 03:39 PM
I just thought I'd share that I recently decided to rerip and re-submit AR results for albums I ripped many years ago that I know are fine but were not appearing as accurate in PT because I submitted the original rip results before the AR database retained TOC information and no one else with my same disc has apparently ripped and submitted since TOC data were kept. While I've previously ignored those PT results for such albums, I thought I'd rerip as many as I conveniently could and resubmit to clear those misses, but mainly to give back a small bit to the overall AR and PT efforts in the hope that enhancing the AR database with more TOC info might help others at some point.

I know others have been doing the above since PT came out, so thanks for that! I humbly encourage others to rerip and resubmit rip results they have that were originally ripped before TOC content was retained to help enhance the AR database overall, as well as help out those who still have their CDs but can't rerip because of storage inconvenience, CD damage, etc.

If you've done so, are doing so or plan to do so, don't feel shy about posting in this thread to get your props.

Spoon, thanks again for AR, the best crowdsourced data effort I've been involved with even if my submissions are relatively few.