View Full Version : Magnifying glass for image preview?

05-30-2014, 01:11 PM
Many album covers that can be found in the web are scans that look fine in the thumbnail view but look blurred or rasterized in a 1:1 view.
Currently it is not possible to see the difference in the thumnail without assigning the cover to an album.

It would be really helpful to be able to see a part of the image in 1:1 zoom. This could be done either like a magnifying glass when moving the mouse pointer over an image or maybe a fixed area of the thumbnail area showing the zoom. It would be also very helpful, if there was a way to just see the image in full size without assigning it (with ALT-Click for example).

I would really love to see something like that built into PerfectTunes...


08-27-2014, 03:57 AM
Can I second this suggestion?

I find PerfectTunes to be great software and I find that the vast majority of the artwork that comes from the PerfectTunes database is of good quality. However I do have plenty of music where PerfectTunes either doesn't have the artwork or only has a relatively low-rez image. Choosing better artwork is a rather hit-and-miss exercise for precisely the reason hoeni states - you only find out the true quality of the image once you've loaded it and are looking at it on your iPad or whatever.

This must be becoming more important for users given the amount of control point software that is capable of using high resolution artwork rather than just thumbnails.

The option to view the suggested thumbnails at full size would resolve the problem.