View Full Version : dBp product will not load my new Nimbie

04-12-2014, 02:51 PM
I was a prospective dBp customer, who purchased the current Acronova Nimbie robot auto loaders based on the assurances on both company's websites that dBpoweramp supports 64-bit multi-core PCs. I followed illustrate/dBp's instructions and tried to install the 21-day Trial of the "full" version of dBp "Reference," and upgrade to dBp Batch Ripper 2 and Nimbie driver 4. There are showstoppers (bugs or incompatibilities) with Nimbie "NT/21 NB21" that completely blocked our tests, despite suggestions from Spoon. (dBp 14.4 and Batch Ripper, and Nimbie drivers ran on a 32-bit XP SP3 PC.) Has anyone out there on other high powered PCs successfully used the new Nimbie's with any version of dBp's Batch Ripper?

04-13-2014, 02:07 PM
The installs nor upgrades of dBpoweramp 14.4 or 15, Batch Ripper, and Nimbie driver would not work on my 64-bit Win7 multi-core PC to load CDs into our new Nimbie USB Plus NB21. My trial days expired and locks me out. We were able to configure, but could not get Batch Ripper's tray loader program to work, nor get to the converters, PerfecTunes etc. We spent several long days troubleshooting, getting help from Acronova/Nimbie to isolate the problem to be due to dBpamp software/bugs/set up, sharing the frustrations of a few of you. Spoon apparently did his best and has been the only evident dBpamp tech support. We even went to the trouble to reassemble a 32-bit XP PC for Spoon to prove that the installation process worked for 32-bit and the NB21 both USB2 and USB3. Question *1 please, how long am I locked out of trying full Reference dBpa and Batch Ripper etc again? Surely not forever, on either the 32 or 64-bit PCs? For example if Release 15.1 fixes the bug or incompatibility ("install clean-up" and the 64-bit holes, and or the install/upgrade exe? Question *2 is there really no one who successfully has installed the new Nimbie from scratch with dBpa products? No one has offered hope let alone reassurance. Surely someone has had success? But the only new users like me seem unsuccessful. Otherwise I'd pre-pay the full license if there were a chance that the current software will simply load the Nimbie. I really respect the advice of the many music-philes on this forum and hoped to join.