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04-03-2014, 05:53 PM
I just used the batch converter to convert a bunch of folders of FLAC files to m4a (to straighten out a setup screwup of my own doing...) First time I have used the batch converter.

All went well except instead of writing a m3u file in each album folder, it wrote one giant m3u file in one of the album folders with all the m3u info for all the albums in it. The m4a files ended up in their own folders, one folder per album with all the m4a files for that album, as intended.

I am using the DSP playlist writer inside the (new) m4a codec. Playlist type: m3u, Playlist titles :[titles], write playlist same folder as first track, Playlist Filename: [IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][] - [album]

The m4a codec is setup to put each album (source folder) in a separate destination folder, and using the preserve jpg DSP, to copy the folder.jpg file. That all works correctly.

I use the same playlist DSP set up the same way in the ripper, and it works correctly there. Also have used it with the music converter some time ago, and it worked correctly then also. Of course it only had to deal with one album at a time then.

No error messages.

I don't see anything in setup to tell it to write a separate m3u file for each album folder??

This is using Version 15, W7 Pro, 64 bit. All data on a QNAP NAS.

Any ideas?

John Schmidt

04-04-2014, 03:23 AM
The playlist writer is designed to write one playlist for all files in the conversion.

04-04-2014, 01:49 PM
Oh, that's too bad... I guess I'll have to do them an album at a time...

Thanks for the prompt reply, at least I won't waste my time trying to make it do what I want. I do really appreciate getting answers, even if they aren't the answer I was hoping for. Much better than most software, particularly some costing much more.

Please keep up your good work. your software, for the most part, is far better than anything similar out there.