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02-20-2014, 12:25 PM
PerfectTUNES R1.5

The main update is to AccurateRip which is more efficient (if there are AR Tags), and Album Art can search more art.


DeDup able to display large numbers of duplicates (previously would close)
DeDup more accurate at detecting duplicates
Album Art is able to search more art from internet
Album Art now has a maximum size (KB) option
Album Art: if have artist as Beetles, The then remove ', the' on manual Fix
mp3 will update id tag from v1 to v2 if embedding art

AccurateRip can now check incomplete albums (or non lossless) if previously ripped with dBpoweramp (and has AccurateRipResult tag)
AccurateRip better able to detect errors
AccurateRip indicates 'Track Not Present in AccurateRip' in technical log

Bug Fixes

Accuraterip - was removing (xxx) from album title which could blend 2 albums together.
m4a decoder crash

03-17-2014, 05:11 AM
Updated to R1.6


Made Art searching label on manual page larger (could clip)
Manual Album Art - when type a new value, it clears the existing entries
Manual Album Art - when sort large to small, keeps the existing art in position 1
Installer offers to create a desktop icon

Bug fix: if write art to a flac file, then rerunning any PT program would indicate the flac file was corrupted (it was not, just our rescanner missbehaving)
Bug fix: accuraterip export list could muddle filenames

06-26-2014, 04:40 AM
Updated to R1.7


Fixes to AccurateRip hanging.
AccurateRip improvements
Updated Codecs

07-31-2015, 06:10 AM
Updated to R2


ID Tagger Added
64 bit version included, uninstall previous 32 bit version before install
Removes duplicate paths from the library (internally)
Album Art from Internet speed improved
Album Art tag replacing writer speed improved
Album Art: shows ', Writing...' on the Fix albums page
Album Art: Added menu next to each album, which allows: Show Album In Explorer, Load from File, Acquire from Scanner, Paste from Clipboard
AccurateRip: new option "Skip AccurateRip Reporting Not Lossless CD Quality"
AccurateRip: new option "Require Confidence 2 or More for AccurateRip Match"
AccurateRip: Export lists filenames for 'Cannot Check' list
AccurateRip: Shows disc ids on the match info export
De-Dup: New option 'Mass Delete'
All - Now minimizes when choose task bar icon
All - Code signed all components

09-09-2015, 06:39 AM
Updated to R2.1


Excludes recycle bin
Playback in de-dup works correctly under x64
Correctly creates desktop icon for x64
Added a new genres.txt file in %appdata%/PerfectTunes/ which can be user edited

09-13-2018, 09:21 AM
Updated to R3

Graphics are cleaner
Supports 200 and 300% DPI scaling
ID Tag: Option to disable predictive typing
Opus Codec Added

Bug fix: De Dup mass delete page had filename and path columns swapped

10-09-2018, 06:51 AM
Update to R3.1

Bug fix: m4a tags would not write from ID Tag editor (single tag edit)

04-13-2019, 11:17 AM
Update to R3.2

all % working screens, made taller to fit text and icon better

Album Art
Retrieve from Internet updated for compatibility
Sort on Resolution takes both width and height into account
Previously fixed listing page gives also option for 'Fix' as well as 'Undo Fix' and '...' menu
When click fix, shows Existing art if using only folder.jpg as source

ID Tag
Better support of high DPI
Added 'Type' to file listing options
Added DSD (dsf) tagging support
Added settings option (in ID Tag) add 'PerfectTUNES: Edit ID-Tags' Command to Windows Explorer folder right click
Added Channels, Bitrate, Sample Rate and Sample Size possible columns
Added refresh button for file listing view (if new folders appear)
No longer indexes when choose option 'Previously edited'
Sort Tags >> Added new option to only show Items which are Inconsistent

ID Tag & Album Art - added option in settings to preserve modification date when adding art or updating Tags
AccurateRip - folder button added so can open explorer to show actual file
DeDup - added option to send deleted files to a set folder

Bug Fix
If added D:\Music and D:\Music2 to be watched then last folder would not be scanned
Possible GUI lockup removed
ID Tag, if browsing by metadata and add a new column then would show tracks for first entry in file view
ID Tag, if sorting by Rating then would put 5* near zero star rating