View Full Version : Here's what I want Perfect Tunes to do.

02-04-2014, 10:53 AM
I have not purchased PerfectTUnes and from what I have read I am unlikely to do so at this time since it does not seem to have the capabilities I want of it.
I have an extensive collection of Wav files ripped with Windows Media Player. Many have some erroneous metadata (that would no doubt have been corrected had I used dbPoweramp CDRipper). Windows Media Player has a capability to "get album info" for selected files that constitute an album and will search for and get the metadata for the album and constituent tracks. Of course if the original rip was erroneous or data completely missing, this does not help.
What I would like Perfect Tunes to do is to use the CDRipper capability on selected media files and "build" the album information in the same way that it does with CDs. I am looking forward to this eventuality.